Hi, I'm Slade.

I'm not an interesting person; but I've done some interesting things.

I make content for people to watch and/or look at.

I love to entertain, what can I say?

I'm an audio/visual enthusiast.

I love audio. That's my thing. (I also love visuals.)

What's not to love?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you with inquiries?

You can email mgmt@sladewatkins.ml for business inquiries.

For all other inquiries, please contact me through my social media accounts.

Can I use any of your photos from your 500px or other sites for anything?

You MUST ask permission to use any of my photographs, including my portraits, for ANY purpose. Email photopermission@sladewatkins.ml to get written, explicit permission to use them.

Will you be allowing others onto your Minecraft server?

Currently, it is an enclosed, whitelisted environment for my friends and I. We more than likely won't be adding people we don't know into the mix... at least not with this server.

Whatever happened to the podcast that you announced for 2019?

It's still being developed! We hit some roadblocks and are working out some other specifics... but it isn't cancelled and will come in one form or another!